Associate Professor

University of Belgrade, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering

Scientific–research field: Planning, modeling, exploitation, safety and environmental protection in railway traffic and transport

Title of the guest lecture: Research of parameters influencing the safety at level crossings


Level crossings as the only points where two modes of traffic intersect, road and railway, disrupt the continuity of road vehicles running and represent places of increased traffic accidents. Studies done on this issue show that the most common cause of traffic accidents at level crossings is the failures made by the road vehicle drivers in the process of approaching the level crossing and making the decision to cross it. In that sense, it has been shown that in over 90% of cases, the road vehicle drivers contributed to the occurrence of a traffic accident, while in 10% of all cases the railway is responsible for the occurrence of a traffic accident. However, it was necessary to investigate why drivers make failures, how much drivers know about operating of traffic safety devices at level crossings and contribute to the occurrence of traffic accidents.