The Organizing Committee is pleased to invite PhD students, postgraduate students, master students, grad & under graduated students, and all other young scientists doing research on transportation issues to participate in the Third International Conference “Transport for Today’s Society”.

The student’s participation aims at:

  • Providing an opportunity to present the up – to date professional and research results and to familiarize with the colleagues’ achieving, as well as making contacts with the colleagues from foreign scientific research institutions;
  • Developing skills of the young scientists to present their own ideas and research results, discuss over various scientific topics.

For the students Conference topics, see AUTHORS INFORMATION – LIST OF TOPICS. All students should fill the registration form.

Under graduated students

Under graduated students participate at the Conference through the poster presentation.

Poster presentation can be made by one student or a group of students.

Seminar papers or theses, (proposed and approved in collaboration with the mentor), are allowed to be used for the poster presentation if their theme complies with the list of topics.

Under graduated students do not pay the registration fee. Additionally, information about study cycle, home study institution, poster title, first name and surname of mentor, are required. Please use this FILLING FORM, and send it on e-mail:

Please send your final poster presentation on e-mail:

Form of presentation: A1 poster template, (100 poster X70 RESEARCH POSTER TEMPLATE). Power Point poster template is designed for a standard metric 100cm by 70cm scientific poster presentation for international poster sessions.

Poster presentations guidelines: Please download PowerPoint poster template, HERE.

Post – graduate, PhD students, master students, graduate students

Post – graduate students and PhD students should prepare a paper according to the instructions in the “Submission”. They should register for participation at the conference and pay the registration fee. (see “Conference fee”).