Bitola city: Bitola is a city located in the south-western part of the country, at an elevation of 630 meters above the sea level. It has about 100.000 inhabitants and is located 170km southwest from the capital Skopje, (157km from the Skopje airport), 80km from airport Ohrid, 16km from the border with Greece and 244km from the Thessaloniki airport.

Flights to Skopje airport: Skopje airport has daily direct flights to and from Vienna, Zurich, Istanbul, Ljubljana, Zagreb and Belgrade. Daily one – hop connections are available to all major towns in Europe. As well, several direct airlines connections exist one to two times a week to, Brussels, Rome, Dusseldorf, including low cost connections to Barcelona, Basel, Brussels, Cologne, Dortmund, Eindhoven, Frankfurt Hahn, Friedrichshafen, Geneva, Gothenburg, Istanbul, London, Malmö, Milan, Munich, Nuremberg, Oslo, Paris, Rome, Split, Stockholm, Treviso, Vienna, Zurich.

Flights to Ohrid airport: Ohrid airport is approximately 6km from Ohrid and 80km to the conference venue. We expect to have more charter flights to/from other European cities offered by several other companies in the near future. City of Ohrid is reachable by taxi from the airport for around EUR8.

Transport Skopje – Bitola:

Option A: Bus from Skopje to Bitola. When you arrive to the Skopje airport, the Centre of the city of Skopje and the intercity bus station are reachable by taxi, (EUR20), or by bus, (around EUR3). The distance to the Skopje intercity bus station and the centre of the town is about 18km. Bitola is 170km southwest from the capital Skopje, reachable by daily frequent bus lines that depart from the centrally located intercity bus station. A bus from Skopje intercity bus station to Bitola, takes about 3 – 5 hours and costs EUR9 one way ticket or around EUR12 return ticket.

Option B: Taxi from Skopje airport. Taxi from the Skopje airport to Bitola costs EUR75 – this service is from the official taxi company serving the airport. We can provide you with more informations, if requested.

Transport Ohrid – Bitola: Bitola city is reachable by taxi from the Ohrid airport for around EUR28. We can provide you with more informations, if requested.

Flights to other nearby airports: Thessaloniki airport in Greece is well connected to other European destinations, but unfortunately, there are no direct connections to Bitola. It is possible to get from Thessaloniki to Skopje, by bus or by train. Traveling by bus is recommended as it is much faster.