On behalf of the Faculty of Technical Sciences, it is my pleasure to invite scientists, academicians, young researches, professionals and students, to attend the 3rd International Conference in the field of traffic and transport, titled as “Transport for Today’s Society”.

The field of traffic and transport is facing major challenges. Although they vary with the level of transport system development as a whole, there are essentially two issues that concern scientists and practitioners. Therefore, controlling climate changes, and providing people and goods with opportunities for efficient and smooth travel and transport, are the key issues facing today’s transport system.

This Conference is designed to present and exchange the latest achievements, views and experiences related to the above mentioned challenges. Furthermore, it is planned to cover a variety of topics, starting from very fundamental issues all the way to the practical application of advanced measures for addressing them.

Hoping that this event will make a reliable contribution towards the further development in the field of traffic and transport, I welcome you to this Conference and look forward to your participation.

Professor Dr sci Marija Malenkovska Todorova,

President of the Conference Organization Committee